Authors Wine by Alexander & Will Yaya


Author Wines is an artistic project inspired by brothers Will and Alexander Yaya, artists and wine lovers. Wine and art are a symbiosis of creation, so wine is to the palate what paint is to the eyes, music to the ears and sculpture to the sense of touch. In addition, wine has been a muse of inspiration for the great masters throughout the centuries. Think of the great classical poets, Homer, Virgil, Ausonius, singing the praises of the sweet intoxication of wine and modern artists such as Rubén Dario, Baudelaire or Borges doing the same, thus immortalizing the sweet juice of the vine. In painting, from the beautiful Greek amphorae silhouetted on red backgrounds all the way to Dali´s Last Supper, wine has been immortalized in the work of famous masters such as Giotto, the Fleming Gerard David or Paolo Caliari (known as the Veronese), who painted wonderful scenes of the wedding at Cana (as did Leonardo da Vinci and Tintoretto), in which wine was the great protagonist. Not to mention other painters such Caravaggio, Diego Velázquez, Titiano and Rubens, all of whom painted Dionysus and Bacchus. Art history is the history of wine and all artistic expression has been so intimately entwined with this noble beverage. The very act of wine making is an art in itself. We have simply mixed wine and art to achieve a perfect pairing. The idea stems from the need to express and give material form to what we are feeling and since art and wine already walk hand in hand, when combined into one, this artistic expression translates into a delicious product that delights both palate and eyes. The drinking of wine becomes captivating to all the senses and elevates the emotions.

Will Yaya.